Advanced Settings

Use Multiple Session Creation Layout

If this is enabled you can select multiple rooms for an event, if not enabled only one room can be selected per event.

Enable Drag and Drop Calendars

Select the option to enable the drag and drop feature. When enabled, events can simply be moved around the calendar by clicking and dragging from current date to an alternative date.

Ability to search by Contact field

Enabling this option allows you to perform a search by the contact name when creating or editing an event.

Make a Zip custom event document

If you create custom event documents rather than using the default event documents in Function Tracker, we suggest you enable the files to be compressed to a zip file.

Allow a Public Booking to be charged a room rental

In the event details, if the ‘Event Type’ is ‘Public’, a room rental charge cannot be applied unless it is enabled in settings.

Use Room rules instead of Sub Rooms Multiple F&B on Linked Sessions

Turn on Inventory

Start Event Numbers at

Event numbers will start at ‘1’ unless you select the event numbers to start at a preferred numeral.

Event Reminders

Create a reminder for yourself, colleague or customer. Select the date and time for the reminder to pop up on your Function Tracker homepage and email.

Reminders are event based. Go to the event details > Event Reminders > Add > Complete the fields and assign the reminder to the relevant customer or colleague.Reminders assigned to a customer or colleague will be emailed at the set time and date.

You can edit or delete your recent Reminders. Go to > Event Reminders > Manage> Click on the Edit or Delete icons.

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