Event Status

The Status of events can be customised on this screen to suit your requirements for the drop down field found in the event details under Charges, Room Set Up and Event Status.

Status Tentative, Pending, Confirmed, Not Active, Lost Business can not be deleted.

Click “Add New” to add a new Event Status. Click to Delete an Event Status. Changing these values will not affect events currently booked.

Choose the Background Colour and Font Colour to appear on the event calendar.

Drag and drop the status to set the Logical Order for the Event Status. For example selecting ‘1’ will be the status that your events will automatically default to in the event details.

Select if the event status will allow for overlapping bookings. Ie tentative events may all be booked for the same time, but once confirmed it should not allow for multiple/overlapping bookings.

Select if the event status will Show on the Drop Down list and Calendar. Reports can be generated in a date range for any Event Status that you choose to show or not to be shown on the calendar.

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