User Management

Manage system users, passwords and security/access level. Ensure you delete any non-active users by clicking the trash icon. You are unlimited to the number of users.

The Main user cannot be deleted. If you need to change the main user please contact

Security Levels

Admin –These users have full editing right to the settings found in the Admin menu. Admin users have functionality in making and amending bookings.

Staff – These users do not have access to the Admin menu but have full functionality in making and amending bookings.

Calendar Only – These users can view the calendar screen only to see the event bookings. They cannot access further event details or edit event information.

Read Only – These users can only read the data and not add or make changes to event bookings. Event cost information can be seen.

Read Only No Financials – These users can only read the data. Financial or event cost information cannot be seen.

Front Office - users have access to the events calendar and staff calendar to view only. They also have access to Events > Add Enquiry. Front Office access is for users who don’t need to use Function Tracker to add and edit events they just need to be able to see the calendar and add and enquiry for sales staff to later follow up on.


If you have multiple locations (venues) select which location each user can access with their login.

Hide Day Notes

It is optional to have Day Notes on the calendar visible to users.

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