General Report

This provides a summary of the key elements of Events. This can be filtered in a number of way

  • Event Type
  • Booked By
  • Venue Filter (rooms) 
  • Start Date
  • End Date 
  • Location 
  • Customer type 
  • Hear about us 
  • Company Description
  •  Status

To generate the report select filters including the event status filter.

If you select Group by Name for Total Catering,it will show you catering required for that period (great for the kitchen to use when planning orders)

Before clicking on Go button, click on the tabs (events, financials, catering….) that you would like to see in the report. This also gives you the option to hide a number of elements from the report.

The General Report will show you logistics for an ongoing event that may be out of the date range (not for the event, which may run for a few days) i.e. If the event goes over a number of days this data will be included in the report (even if the whole date period is not entered).

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