Generating Event Invoices

To generate an invoice from the event details scroll down to ‘Event Invoices’ which is found in the ‘Financial Details’ area. By clicking on add invoice you will go through to the invoice details screen.

Today’s date will appear on the invoice unless you select an alternative date.

An invoice number will automatically generated unless you select to use a custom invoice number.

You can override the due date of the invoice from what is set up as a default in Admin > Event Document settings > Invoices > Invoice Due date

If you require multiple invoices for the event then you can select the Yes / No option next to the items that you would like to appear on each of the invoices.

The main contact of the event will automatically show in the billing contact details unless you have previously in the ‘Customer’ area of the system added a particular billing contact for company. If so the billing contact details will

An alternative logo can also be selected to appear on the invoice if you have more than one invoice in the admin area.

Any important text you would like to appear on the invoice can be added in the ‘free text’ area which will then appear on the invoice under the payment details.

Select the options at the bottom of the screen to preview the invoice, create a new invoice or cancel

Once you have selected to create the invoice you will be returned to the event details screen where you will see the generated invoice under invoice area.

If event details change you can update the invoice by selecting the update invoice button.

There are 3 layouts for the invoice which can be selected and customised in the Admin area. 

Admin > Event Document settings > Invoices

The Payment terms that appear on the invoice refer to what has been set up in Admin > Event Document settings > Invoices > Payment Terms. 

NB. If you have configured Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks or Recon, the invoices will also appear in your chosen software.

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