Add Event Options

This is where you add in extra fields to your Add Event Page


This gives you the options of Overnight / Link All Sessions and Expand Hours

Overnight – This will show the event on your calendar as one event appearing as one block over 2 days, instead of 1 event appearing over 2 days.

Link All Sessions – This makes all all sessions have exactly the same information including Food / Beverage / Equipment etc. These sessions cannot be edited individually and you cannot unlink an event once it has been created with Link All Sessions.

Expand Hours – When you are creating an event once the booking has been made this will block the room for the rest of the day (until midnight) – so not bookings can be taken for that room. (Useful for conferences over a few days where the room set up does not change and you do not want any one else using the room).

Show on Public Calendar

Allows you to show the event information on a Function Tracker Calendar which can be embedded into your website.

Cost Adjustments

This gives you 2 extra fields for Event Space Hire Costs – Cost Override and Flat Rate.

Cost Override – If you do not want to use the Standard Hire Cost, you can add an amount in the Cost Override, overriding the default event space costs. This will apply the adjusted rate over the duration of the event for every session booked.

Flat Rate – Applies a one off flat rate to a series of events over one or more days.

Hire Rate

Allows you to charge Normal, Discount or Customised rates you have added in Admin > Event Space Management > Cost Categories.

Min Spend

Allows you to set a minimum spend for the event. This is a text field that does not relate back to any financials. It is an information only field.

Min Numbers

Allows you to set a minimum number of guests for the event. This is a text field that does not relate back to any guest calculations. It is an information only field.

Deposit Due

Allows you to set a date where a deposit is due for the event.

Hear About Us

Allows you to select the options that you have created in Admin > Event Settings > Hear About Us

Set Up and Pull Down Hours

Allows you to specify the amount of time required before and after an event.

Sales Manager

Allows you to assign a Sales Manager to the event.

Event Host

A Free Text field where you can add the main contact for the event

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