Add Event

Add an event by clicking on Events > Add Event. An event can also be added by directly selecting the event date required on the calendar and adding an event from the day view page (in this page click on the time that you want the event to start.

SetupComplete the fields on this page to add an event including the date and the area/room.

Mandatory Fields – These are set up in Admin > Event Settings > Mandatory Fields. Please note if you make an advanced field mandatory (extra fields found in your Add Event Options) then this must be selected available in your Add Event in order for you to create a booking.


If the customer has already been added to your database you only need to start typing the name of the customer and the system will search for it.

For new customers complete the fields required. You also have the options of Company / Individual and Add to Database


Once you have completed all the details on this page, click on continue. You are taken to the event details. This event then shows as a shaded area on the left hand side calendar, and the event details appear in the month/week and day view calendars.[/

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