Calendar Options

Your calendar options can be customised by clicking on the cog . Within the options you can select to view your calendar by event space colour, status colour or event space/status mix. If you have changed your status colours in Admin > Event Settings > Event Status then all events in the space / status mix will appear in that colour not white. Event space status mix will show the events by room colour for a confirmed event or with a white background for all other event status.

You can also choose to show events by type or status. Event types and status are set up in the Admin Area. Admin>Event Settings>Event Types & Admin>Event Settings>Event Status.

If you have multiple event spaces or locations, the calendar can be filtered to show just one. Set up Spaces and Locations by Admin>Event Space Management

You can also select the day of the week you want the calendar to start on.

In these options you can also select whether you want the calendar to display in a Classic Mode or Grid Layout and turn on/off the ability to drag and drop events in the calendar.

The next section refers to how much information you wish to show on your calendar and the popover which appears when you hover over an event. You can have as much/little information displayed as you wish.

These settings/options are custom to each user.

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