Changelog July 2018

Admin > Advanced Settings - created new option to select default start time of event, currently all events by default start at 5.00 am.

Admin > Event Settings > Event Status - Created new column called "Hide From Search Results" - this will for example hide from search results all events with the status of "Lost Business"

Admin > Event Space Management > Manage Spaces - Added in new slider called "Show By Default" when selected, the Spaces ticked will appear when the user creates an new event by default.

Conversion Report - Changed conversion report to work on date of new event, existing event is in calendar and status == confirmed.

Conversions - On Dashboard, updated Conversion information

Day Notes - Updated system so that we can have more than one day note per day.

Enquiry Form - Updated system, so that the Show / Hide field hides the field only on the Public Enquiry Form, but the Field shows on the Internal Add / Edit Enquiry forms.

Event Notes – Updated to new editor

Event Registration – Added option to edit Attendee.

Event Registration - Added option to send in registration email the "Registration Additions" purchased.

Event Registration - Added option to show Registration Additions Purchased on the Ticket PDF.

Event Registration - On Attendees tab, put an icon to Export Attendee details to Excel, all possible fields.

Event Registration - Updated system so that if user enters Member Number it will autofill from Member Database. If user updates Dietary on registration form, it updates the member database.

Event Registration - We currently have default fields, Name, Email, Telephone. If Member Database has been enabled, we added a default field called Member Number - this will enable user to input member number and automatically fill in form.

Event Reminders - Added small icon to mark all reminders as read, when click it will delete all event reminders with popup.

Event Space Management - Updated system to allow a user to be assigned to 2 or more Locations.

Invoices - Update to show "Event Name - Session Prefix - Session Title [ 01 Jun 2018 ] ".

List View - updated so it also has Pop Over like Month, Week, Day view.

List View - Updated so that List View also shows the Event Title, Guests etc.. so it uses same Settings options that Month, Week and Day view use.

Month View / Week View – Updated calendar

Right Click Open in New Tab - Added the right click on Day View and also on all List Views to open events details in new tab.

Split Package Information - Updated % option so that you can leave some categories as 0%. Currently all categories require a number.

Staff Calendar – Updated

Staff Calendar - Updated events to show as 12 hour clock

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