Function Tracker and General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR)

Our systems are hosted at Google - you can view their compliance information here:

In regards to ourselves we do not in any way breach any of the codes in regards to privacy, use of data, third party use of data (there is none) data mining, tracking of users (even anonymous data). 

You can export all your data in a readable format if you wish to take it to another provider. 

We have an assigned Data Protection Officer. 

When you sign up to Function Tracker or Catering Tracker there is no marketing options nor options to sign in a accept any such marketing if you did actually want to be part of it. We are not a social network and make no use of advertising or marketing.

However, you now should advise your customers that their basic contact details will be kept in your cloud based function management system for the purposes of managing their event.

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