Customer Toolbar

Additional customer tools are found on the top toolbar once you have entered into the customer details from the customer list screen. Click on the tools icon to see the options.

Merge company and merge contact allows you to merge any double up companies or contacts you may have in the system. Select the relevant contact for source and target fields. All data in the source contact will be updated with the target contact data.

Customer Statement

Allows you to create a financial statement of outstanding events in a date range. Use the filters to select date range and status of the events.

Customer Reminder

A reminder can be created for yourself, colleague or your customer. Set the reminders by clicking on +Add New on the top right hand corner of the screen. Complete the reminder details and click on submit.

Reminders can be viewed on the top toolbar by clicking on the ‘all event reminders’ icon.

Reminders can also be set from the event details screen for a particular event rather than customer.

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